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Thank you very much for visiting Nam Kyung co.,ltd.
Drip irrigation system was actively introduced to Korean farmers in 1980's.
And Thanks to its diverse benefits and government supports, it could get wide-spread all over Korea farm areas in a short period.
In order to serve domestic demands with more favorable conditions, Nam Kyung invented own production line for the first Korean drip irrigation tape by making continuous efforts and investments.
Starting from emitter type drip tape "Water Fall - Q", Nam Kyung continued to develop new products - drip line for multi year usage "Water Line", linear type drip tape "Water Fall - N", auto nutrient supply system "ODS series", PE pipe and Smile Spray Hose.
Nam Kyung could build trust between growers by serving with consistent quality, competitive price and extensive service network covering all Korea.
Greatly thanks to growers' and partners' supports, Nam Kyung remains as one of leading suppliers for drip irrigation system in Korea now.
Nam Kyung is also trying to expand sales and production facilities in overseas market.
Nam Kyung will serve customers and growers with the best quality and service.
Thank you very much.